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Cosmetic & TMJ Dentistry

in Los Altos, CA


Invisalign is the revolutionary way to help you get even, straight teeth without noticeable, painful metal braces. Virtually undetectable, Invisalign aligners are made of strong, clear plastic that gradually guide your teeth into perfect alignment. Unlike metal braces, they have no wires or brackets. Tooth impressions are made, from which Invisalign develops customized aligners that will slide directly over your teeth. Aligners are typically worn full time (except when eating or drinking) for 12 to 48 months—no longer than you would wear traditional metal braces. Aligners are replaced every two weeks as your teeth shift into place.

Beautiful, Long-Lasting,
Metal-Free Dentistry

At Los Altos Dental Care, we understand your concerns regarding the use of metal fillings. Accordingly, at our office we have elected to offer our patients the option of using new advanced fillings made of tooth-colored materials that contain no metal.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are man-made replacements for natural teeth. The implants themselves are artificial tooth roots anchored in the gum or jawbone on which replacement teeth are permanently secured. Since implanted teeth are fixed in the mouth rather than being removable like dentures, they allow a return to the comfort & function of natural teeth. Increased chewing ability means you can enjoy more nutritious foods, contributing to your overall health & well-being. In short, dental implants improve the quality of your life. They can improve your appearance, boost your self-confidence, & allow you to speak with greater clarity.

Snap-On™ Smile

Made from hi-tech dental resins, this simple dental appliance is very thin, yet extremely strong. It fits right over your own teeth to give you a beautiful, natural looking smile-even if you have stains, chips, gaps, or missing teeth.


The CEREC 3 camera takes a three-dimensional image of the dental preparation & then designs & creates the milled inlay, overlay, or crown via computer within one visit. The CEREC 3 system's milling process can produce a durable, aesthetically pleasing, biocompatible ceramic restoration milled from a ceramic block to suit your particular needs quickly & economically.

Click here to learn more about the amazing CEREC machine!

TMJ (Jaw Pain Therapy)

Commonly misdiagnosed or overlooked, a subtle misalignment in the temporomandibular joint can be a common, significant source of head & neck pain. If you have frequent & severe head or neck pain, you owe it to yourself to investigate our doctor’s life-changing approach to correcting these TMJ problems.


Periodontal (gum) disease can lead to more than just an unsightly smile — it can cause loss of teeth & eventually, if left untreated, serious health problems. Called gingivitis in its early stages, periodontal disease is caused by excessive toxic bacteria (found in plaque) that attack your mouth’s soft tissues. Early warning signs of this disease include red, swollen, bleeding gums. If caught early, we can help you reverse the damage. If detected late, we can use one of the many effective cosmetic dentistry procedures to restore your mouth to a healthy, beautiful state. Let our doctors help you keep your teeth & gums strong & disease-free with regular examinations & cleanings.

A Beautiful Smile the Affordable Way!

Snap-On™ is a revolutionary dental appliance that requires no prepping, injections, or adhesives. The design is flexible, strong, & snaps right over your existing teeth. Removable & reversible, it’s perfect for patients wanting an easy & affordable way to a gorgeous smile.

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Restorative Dentistry

We provide various treatment options for the repair of diseased or traumatized teeth. This includes fillings, crowns, & space maintainers if needed.


If you've lost teeth from decay, injury, or periodontal (gum) disease, dentures are the solution. Whether partial or full dentures, they're essential not only to your aesthetics, but also to your oral health. In addition to allowing you to eat as if had you never lost your teeth, dentures protect against facial sagging that would otherwise occur & give you a more aged appearance, Dentures will also promote your natural speech. Denture maintenance, combined with a regular regiment of proper brushing, can guarantee you a comfortable, healthy mouth for the rest of your life. Please call us today to discuss the numerous available options in more detail.


Crowns, also called caps, are natural-looking covers that fit snugly over teeth to conceal cracked, badly discolored, injured, or chipped teeth. Crowns minimize physical discomfort & provide support for damaged teeth. We use all-porcelain crowns for best results. Ultimately, crowns can improve the overall appearance of your smile while making your teeth more resistant to injury.

Sealants & Fluoride Treatments

Tooth decay, otherwise known as cavities, can be a significant problem for children as well as adults. There are numerous factors that lead to tooth decay & there are ways to prevent it. With the use of sealants, we can cover the deep grooves in your back teeth & extend their life while helping to prevent cavities.

Teeth Whitening

Now you can have significantly whiter teeth in a matter of a few days using advanced teeth-whitening techniques. Both comfortable & affordable, our teeth-whitening procedure involves you wearing a specially crafted tray for a few hours in order to achieve a surprising difference in your smile!

Digital X-Rays

We offer in-office digital x-rays for your convenience. Digital x-rays are computer-generated images. These images require up to 90% less radiation than with conventional film-type x-rays. Instead of using the traditional silver-oxide x-ray film that must be developed & then fixed in caustic & environmentally damaging solutions, the new system takes pictures via a small electronic sensor & instantaneously transmits a picture of the tooth onto the video monitor in the treatment room. Therefore, we can see your teeth & surrounding structures immediately. Feel free to contact us for more details or to make an appointment!

Mercury-Free Dentistry

We understand your concerns regarding the use of mercury fillings. Accordingly, at our office we have elected to offer our patients the option of using new advanced fillings made of tooth-colored materials that contain no metals or mercury, as an alternate to traditional silver fillings.

State-of-the-Art Antiseptic Procedures

Our sterilization procedures meet the Centers for Disease Control guidelines. We heat-sterilize all handpieces & instruments after each use. We use disposable gloves, gowns, masks, eye protection, & barrier covers at all times. Our patient’s safety is our top priority.

Filtered Water Lines

We understand your concern about water quality & the importance of keeping you & your family healthy. For this reason, we utilize filtered water lines during our dental procedures. By filtering the water used in dental procedures, we are able to get rid of any substances that may compromise the health of our patients. The safety, health & dental care of patients are our top priorities. This is just another way to show how much we care!

Eat, Chew, & Smile Naturally Again!

Dental Implants ~ As Low as $75/mo. They look & feel like your own teeth. With a secure fit, you can finally eat what you want again!
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“I’m Wearing Braces!”

Invisalign™ ~ Clear Orthodontics As Low as $99/mo. Get the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted — without the metal mouth!

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